About Us

Changampally Vaidhya Bhavan is well known for its tradition and unique methods of treatments and established in Malabar- (South Kerala). Ayurveda is a way of life, embraced by young and old alike at Malabar. Its principles are accordance with the cherished beliefs of the people of this land. The Changampally Vaidhya Bhavan is a research center for Tumor related diseases & Marma treatment. They provide treatment based on traditional Ayurveda blended with modern research and diagnosis methods. Changampally breaks the belief that Ayurveda treatment took much time to cure and their methods give speedy recovery to the patients.

The surrounding atmosphere of this hospital itself, with lot of greenery provides the patient with great mental relaxation. This hospital has got a successful result curing the patients suffering from cancer and tumor related diseases. CVB situated at Edakulam, in the famous historic place Thirunavaya, Where Mamangam (A historical festival occur in 12 years interval, later in every festival battle used took place between Zamorins and Valluvanad King ).It is access able by road, rail or air.

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